Programs, Workshops & Individual Consultation

Our ability to manage stress impacts everything ... our emotional state, the quality of our relationships, and the extent of our productivity & fulfillment.  

It's a tricky thing to balance what may be authentic for you, with what is respectful of others. The 5-day challenge gives you concrete tools to distinguish stress-based reactions from authentic needs, which clears the way for self-awareness and clarity in moments of conflict.

How do you juggle competing interests at work, without doubting yourself? How do you handle the personal stress of difficult coworker interactions? Jessica's in-person or video-conference trainings help individuals and workgroups to implement tools that lower stress and improve communication.

Healthy Boundaries for stress management

Jessica's stress management programs empower you with a deep understanding of the forces that can obscure healthy boundaries, and a simple framework of techniques to counteract them. 

Individual Consultation

Short-term consultation is available by appointment (phone or video-call) to advise and provide individual guidance for those completing the online boundaries course, or for those experiencing professional transitions such job or career change, promotion to a first supervisory role, or challenges within a particular work group or professional relationship.

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