The 5-Day Authenticity Challenge

 Practice Skills for "Goldilocks Authenticity" 

Can You Relate ?

In stressful moments, sometimes you find yourself "playing small' or saying something you regret.
You often doubt your instincts when you feel compelled to speak up for yourself or share an opinion.
It seems like some people have a clearer sense of the "rules" for sharing their thoughts and experience.

Imagine This Instead 

Confidence about the boundaries for what to share and what to keep for yourself.
Clear understanding of the three (3) main obstacles that keep us from being authentic and respectful.
A memorable set of guidelines to help you find #goldilocksauthenticity within and with others ... even in stressful moments.

Your Teacher

Jessica Kiesler

Before my clinical training, I was what you could call a "people-pleaser."
It was a frustrating way to live, and that's why I want to share some laser-focused bits of information, that I wish I'd learned much earlier in life.
Remember the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears? Wouldn't it be great to strike that "just right" balance of being your authentic self ... feeling really seen and heard ... without slipping into "I wish I didn't say that" territory?
In this 5-Day Challenge you'll get lessons and activities that help you clearly see the boundaries for balanced authenticity.

Kind Words

"So informative and well-designed"

"Extremely clear"

"I really liked the examples for each exercise"

Clarity to Be and Share Your Authentic Self

Day 1 - Mindfulness of Self

Staying connected to our authentic self doesn't happen passively. On this day, you'll learn a key element for clarifying what is authentic in a moment.

Authenticity Challenge - micro-mindfulness
Authenticity Challenge - micro-mindfulness

Day 2 - Mindfulness of Time

I don't mean "watching the clock."  On this day you'll learn a trick that makes time your tool for objective decision-making.

Day 3 - Mindfulness of Boundaries

On day three, you'll get a visualization to help you keep "good" boundaries in relation to others. 

Authenticity Challenge - micro-mindfulness

Day 4 - Mindfulness of Tone

This challenge will teach you to recognize the sneaky dynamic that drives us to doubt ourselves, or to say something that feels "authentic," but that we regret later.

Day 5 - Mindful Balance with Others

On the last day, you'll tackle one of the two most common patterns that keep you out of the "Goldilocks Zone" 

relational stress - the visibleu method

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"So informative and well-designed"

"I really liked the examples for each exercise"

"Extremely clear"

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