Neuroscience offers a very hopeful prospect for change

In my opinion, there is no one best counseling approach or technique. The most important distinction among all of them is the client’s comfort with and benefit from it.

But as a counselor supervisor, I have had the opportunity to follow-up with clients who were unhappy with their experience of counseling. The particulars took different forms, but in general, many of these clients felt that the counseling experience ‘meandered’ and they had wanted to feel clear about what their solution might be and how they could get there.  This is not to say that problems aren’t often complex and can be rushed to solution. Quite the opposite. The nuts and bolts of our most persistent habits in behavior, mood and relationships do not respond well to pressure. But advances in neuroscience have a great deal to offer clients who want that clear tangible plan for reaching the solution they desire.

What we know as our ‘mind’ and our ‘feelings’ are manifested by a physical organ – the brain. And until the phenomenon of neuroplasticity was understood just in the last decade, science and medicine had some pretty grim expectations about making any significant changes to the adult brain. Thankfully we now know that is not the case. With intentional practice and experience, you can change the physical structures (or ‘wires’) in your brain that determine your autopilot settings for all sorts of things. Why is that important? Because most of us have autopilot settings that can lock-in negative moods or destructive behaviors without our awareness. So being able to change the wires means we can make some pretty dramatic changes in our overall happiness, fulfillment and health.

I provide clients with a set of tools that uses the opportunity of neuroplasticity to revise some of those ‘wires’ that can make moods, relationship patterns, addictions & habits of eating so difficult to overcome. The scientific vocabulary can sound complex, but the tools themselves are simple. I have seen them make tremendous impact not only in the lives of my clients, but in my own life as well. And I would love to share them with you.

For more information about counseling or coaching, see the service page. You may also want to check out the VisibleU subscription system – an mindfulness education program of my education company Visible Self LLC.


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