The ability to possess ourselves, especially in stressful moments, can change everything ... our emotional state, the quality of our relationships, and the extent of our productivity and fulfillment.

We need headspace to nurture our dearest relationships and deepest values.  But without rituals to protect it … that space is easily flooded with anxious thoughts or unfulfilling habits.

When you combine the very normal stress of personal and family relationships, with the aggressive demands of work and consumer influences … it’s not surprising that many of us are struggling to carve out conscious, authentic and connected daily experiences.

Maybe you were brought up with the notion that "being a good person" meant focusing, as much as possible, on other people and what they might want or need? That approach is well-intentioned, but it flings open the door to stress, and prevents us from being fully present with other people, and for ourselves. 

So how can we create a reasonable balance of self-care and contribution that fills us up without shutting us down?  ... That's what my work with clients is all about.

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